Who I am


My name is Julia and I have worked in science communication since 2012, both as a science journalist and as a communication officer for different research institutions. This experience has made me a natural hunter for exciting science stories and an expert in finding the best way to communicate these stories to different audiences.

Some of the main Spanish scientific institutions, be it CSIC, FECYT, or IRB Barcelona, have hired me in the past to contribute to their communication strategy (Download my CV).

Currently, I am working at an international level in the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, where I contribute the good functioning of the knowledge management web platform Knowledge4policy and the EU Science Hub.

My academic background as a biotechnologist allows me to easily communicate with researchers. Translating complex scientific and technical topics into appealing and comprehensive stories for the general audience has become my expertise.

In this website you will find some samples of my work in:

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